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Marcos Jr. bullish on Clark


CLARK FREEPORT – “Hindi lang pang-negosyo, hindi lang pang-turismo, pang-sports pa ang Clark. Dahil we are also building Clark’s physical capital. We are upskilling the required human resources that will run businesses and will drive prosperity.”

Thus, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. underscored his administration’s drive to develop the full potential of Clark as a major investment and tourism destination in the country.

Speaking at ceremonies following his inspection of the Airport to New Clark City Access Road (ANAR) on Feb. 21, the president noted that Clark is in the heartland of an agricultural powerhouse “not to mention the powerful draw and the seductive aroma of Kapampangan cuisine.”

Marcos Jr. expressed confidence that “Clark can now host a wide range of economic activities including innovation labs, creative workshops, manufacturing concerns, leisure complexes and a cyber-corridor.”

“In short, the Clark metropolis has what it takes to be a Mecca for tourists, a magnet of investments, and a market of goods and services. We must leverage these attributes into higher visitor traffic, attracting more investments that generate better jobs and spur economic activity,” Marcos Jr. enthused.

Pursuant to this, he cited the government’s dedication to building globally competitive infrastructure to accommodate business growth in this high-potential area.

“It [ANAR] is a part of a larger package of Build Better More activities. It aims to enlarge Clark’s profile in the global investment map. Projects such as this all convey one message to prospective investors,” he said, noting that the modernization of the Clark International Airport has now taken off and the construction of a rail link to Metro Manila is proceeding at full speed.

The president also cited the state-owned Clark Development Corp. for consistently remitting billions of pesos to the National Treasury.


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