National career tests set for 1.8-M Grade 9 pupils

    CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – About 1.8 million Grade 9 students from public and private schools nationwide are expected to take the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) on March 1 and 2, the Department of Education (DepEd) here announced yesterday.

    The DepEd said its Bureau of Educational Assessment (BEA) will lead the administration of the annual NCAE, with the assistance of personnel from the schools divisions nationwide.

    “The NCAE basically aims to determine the learner’s aptitude and occupational interest on any of the Senior High School (SHS) tracks. Occupational interest is the learner’s preference in specific vocations and career categories” the DepEd said in a statement.

    It also said “the two day exam also aims to guide the conduct of career guidance at the school level and to ensure the development of skills and competencies required for the world of work and career choices. It is also to provide basis for profiling learner’s aptitude in the four SHS tracks such as academic, technical-vocational- livelihood, sports, and arts and design.”

    DepEd explained that “under the Academic track are the following strands: accountancy, business and management (ABM); science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and humanities and social sciences (HUMSS),” while the career assessment covers three domains, namely, general scholastic aptitude (GSA), occupational interest inventory (OII), and aptitude for SHS tracks.

    The GSA refers to the student’s scientific ability, reading comprehension, verbal ability, mathematical ability and logical reasoning ability, it said.

    The DepEd also said that “OII pertains to the checklist of occupational interests which provides an assessment on preferences for comprehensive career guidance,” while the “aptitude test measures the innate ability of the student to succeed in the SHS tracks.


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