Pecson-Lacson tandem firmed up


    MAGALANG, Pampanga – The incumbent mayor and vice mayor of this municipality who won from different political parties will join forces in 2016 after all.

    Reliable sources confirmed the ongoing talks for the possible tandem of Mayor Romy Pecson and Vice Mayor Norman Lacson in 2016. Former Mayor Lyndon Cunanan, who was purported to assume the role of municipal administrator of Pecson as a prelude to being his running mate in 2016, is being eased out.

    This emerging political configuration is now causing political realignment and confusion among loyal supporters of Pecson, Lacson and Cunanan. Lacson ran as the running mate of Cunanan in the 2013 elections but lost to Pecson for the mayoralty post in 2010.

    “Norman (referring to Vice Mayor Lacson) will be the next mayor of Magalang in 2016 if Pecson is re-elected because Pecson will easily be disqualified since he has already served three terms,” said a Lacson diehard.

    Meanwhile, the loyal supporters of Cunanan are reportedly peeved. “Norman is trying to wrestle from our candidate (Cunanan) the vice mayoralty post,” said a Cunanan supporter.

    Part of the Lacson-Pecson deal is supposedly for the endorsement of Councilor Malu Lacson, a graduating sangguniang bayan member of the town, by Pecson as a candidate for board member in the 1st district of Pampanga to the ticket of incumbent Gov. Lilia “Nanay Baby” Pineda.

    It can be recalled that in 2013, Pecson picked then incumbent Vice Mayor Renato “Boybart” Bartolome as his running mate but lost to Lacson.


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