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Mabalacat City Health Office to Promote Family Planning and Safe Methods


Mabalacat City, Pampanga – In a proactive effort to address the growing concerns of teenage pregnancy and promote responsible family planning, the City Health Office (CHO) of Mabalacat City, Pampanga has launched an educational campaign through its Rural Health Units (RHUs) and the Population, Gender and Development (PopGAD) Office. The campaign is aligned with the Department of Health’s (DOH) “Usap Tayo sa Family Planning” program, aimed at equipping sexually active teenagers with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Last Thursday, August 17, Larissa Gail T. Dizon, RN, Coordinator, and Camille Tabang, RN, RHU 1 Family Planning Nurse Coordinator, were invited as guests on the popular radio blocktime program “MCG CARES” on UFM105.5. Hosted by CIO head Jay Pelayo IV, alongside DJs Rad and Amir, the program provided a platform for the coordinators to discuss the city’s efforts in educating teenagers about the importance of family planning and the safe methods available to them.

During the program, Larissa Gail T. Dizon expressed her gratitude to Mayor Crisostomo Garbo for his unwavering support in implementing this vital program. She emphasized the need for comprehensive education to empower teenagers to make responsible choices regarding their sexual health. “Our goal is not to promote early sexual activity but to equip sexually active teenagers with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves and make informed decisions,” Dizon stated.

Camille Tabang, the RHU 1 Family Planning Nurse Coordinator, highlighted the range of safe and effective family planning methods available free of charge through the local government unit (LGU). These methods include injectables, implants, condoms, and counseling services, all of which are provided by the RHUs. Tabang stressed the importance of utilizing these resources and encouraged teenagers to seek guidance from healthcare professionals without fear or hesitation.

In their discussion, both coordinators acknowledged the significance of support from barangay officials in ensuring the success of this program. They called upon the barangay officials to lend their full support and collaborate with the CHO in disseminating information and creating a supportive environment for teenagers seeking guidance on family planning. “We need a collective effort from all stakeholders – the LGU, barangay officials, parents, and educators – to address this issue effectively,” remarked Dizon.

This initiative by the City Health Office of Mabalacat City underscores the city’s commitment to the well-being of its young population. By providing comprehensive education and accessible resources, the city aims to reduce teenage pregnancy rates and promote responsible reproductive health practices among sexually active teenagers.


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