Love is worth the wait

    In the long years that I have been handling weddings, the love story of Omar and Tetet Palo is one of the most inspiring for me. It is a story that truly puts to measure that one’s goodness in life is rewarded in turn with great happiness. It is also a story of patience and believing that God has that special someone out there waiting to find you.

    Tetet had already had her mind set on the fact that she would be living a life of single-blessedness, Omar was also resigned to living that same fate. But God had other plans for them. In a round about plan, he set in motion ways and means for Omar and Tetet to meet.

    God’s handiwork manifested first through friendly meetings with the owner of the spa Tetet frequented, who turned out to be the first cousin of their long time neighbors in their village. This made their meetings friendlier as their familiarity grew. She then tried to recruit her good friend to become a member of the Culiat Jaycees. As it turned out, her new friend was so busy with her business that after a few weeks she called and told Tetet that instead of her, she would ask her brother Omar to join instead.

    For Tetet and Omar, this was God pushing them to meet. Omar called Tetet and ask if he could talk to her regarding the Jaycees. Of course Tetet obliged even if it was way past her normal bedtime. But that one meeting was the start of their relationship. From that night of getting to know, to his courtship of her, to Christmas with their families, the Pamanhikan, her bridal shower, their Civil wedding, and their eventual Church wedding. God was on a roll for these two special people.

    I must say that I was one of the happiest people for Omar and Tetet on that day, the 26th of June, 2009. Being a long time friend of Tetet, I could see it in her face, her glow that day, that this was truly God’s work. Tetet and Omar wore the designs of Manny Ocampo on their wedding day. Tetet was so beautiful as she walked the aisle being styled and made up by Francois Roxas. The wedding at the Lord’s Transfiguration Church was so solemn and touching as it was specially transformed by Pancho Pantig of Plumeria. Norman Maglaqui was there to cover all that transpired through his professional lens. The Voce de Angeli Choir made the wedding memorable with their heavenly voices.

    The reception at the Grand Palazzo Royale was a spirited and lively occasion as Pancho Pantig created magic for the couple with his inspired designs. The band Quintah serenaded the couple’s guest with sweet love songs and happy upbeat tunes. The personalized giveaways and invitations were crafted for Tetet and Omar by the Oops Shop team. During the wedding program, when Tetet’s brother PJ Basilio gave his toast, he said, “Its Worth the Wait” and I truly believe this to be true. Tetet and Omar did have to wait a long while to meet each other, yet in God’s time and grace they did meet and now they are together and happily expecting the arrival of their first born.

    Tetet and Omar, Congratulations and cheers to you!

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