Losing a beloved pet

    Often I write about activities and events that are celebratory in nature. But our human lives are also sprinkled with sad and terrible events. I would like to share with everyone one such event that made me realize that for all I do to make people happy by helping them in their special occasions, I am not immune to the bad elements that exists in our community.

    Last October 21, 2009, Wednesday, while we were preparing for our Heritage Grand Launch that afternoon, our beloved dog Porntip was dognapped from our house by a male and female perpetrator. The perpetrators went inside our house and fooled our helper to giving them Porntip and they took off in a Mitsubishi Adventure and had a baby (about a year old) with them. They were very specific in what they wanted; they only took our dog and nothing of value lying around our house. Not our car, entertainment set, laptops, etc. They just took our Porntip.

    Porntip is our white male shih-tzu who recently won the top awards in the Fiesta Mimosa Dogapalooza Event in Clark. We feel that this is where the dognappers saw our Porntip. We have already asked the help of Mimosa for photos of the event to see if the culprits can be identified in them. So far we have witnesses that can identify the culprits as well as their get-away car.

    We have reported it to the Police and had them blottered. But it has been more than a week now and there is still no word about our dog Porntip. We have posted Reward signs for our Porntip and have gone to all the veterinary clinics and legitimate pet store in Angeles. My partner, Sigfred, even went to Cartimar, in Manila to try to see if he could get leads from the store owners there, but no luck so far.

    In our rounds of the veterinary clinics and pet stores, we were regaled by store owners of so many reports of dognapping incidents all over Metro Angeles. This has alarmed me and my friends. We are sure that these criminals are getting our beloved pets not to sell, but to be bred in their puppy mills for profit. I would like to ask for your help in searching for our pet Porntip and possibly all the other dognapped pets of ours. Kindly inform through our numbers below if you have any information about puppy mills or dubious people selling puppies of all breeds. We are also setting up a multiply account where we will invite people to post photos of their missing pets and where we can coordinate efforts to find our pets.

    We will not stop till we find our dog Porntip. We consider him as part of our family and we are not giving up on him. This will be our new crusade, to help find and bring back lost pets to their owners. Help us in making this possible. We thank you all in advance for your help and concern. Dog lovers and pet owners unite!


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