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Let journos do their job


THE NATIONAL Union of Journalists of the Philippines believes that the media’s role in the ongoing COVID-19 emergency is vital in informing both the government and the people on the real situation on the ground and useful in making the right decisions.

The announcement therefore that the media must secure an identification card from the Presidential Communications Operations Office in order to be allowed to cover is unfortunate and may prove counterproductive when vetted information from media professionals is most needed by the already nervous populace.

Media outfits have issued safety guidelines to their journalists. We are aware that we need to contribute to the resolution of this emergency and we can do it best by doing our jobs as journalists. Making it difficult for us to contribute does not help at all.

We urge Malacañang to reconsider its decision. The media are better as partners during emergencies.

(NUJP statement on PCOO accreditation/March 17, 2020)

No martial law

LET ME be this clear, this is not martial law. Under the Constitution martial law is declared when there is invasion, rebellion or public safety requires it.

Hindi ito martial law, wag kayong matatakot. Walang magdidisplay ng baril diyan except ‘yung mga member ng Armed Forces o pulis. Ang kalaban natin pag martial law ay yung mga taong sumasalakay at naghihimagsik pero sa panahong ito ang kalaban natin ay tayo at ang sakit na Covid-19.

(President Duterte on declaring enhanced community quarantine on Luzon)


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