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KMC solutions helps in biz continuity, reinvents concept of flexible workspaces


With over 10 years of providing forward-thinking office space solutions and building high-performing teams, KMC Solutions(KMC) expands its offerings to specifically cater to businesses as they adapt to new ways of working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company recently launched HOME, HUB, and HQ, its latest innovative solution that responds to the new business realities.

Designed to ensure productivity and safety amid disruptions, HOME, HUB, and HQ is a workforce distribution plan that allows businesses to split their operations and to provide their people with the option to work either from their home, near their homes or in their company headquarters.

This addresses not only the operational challenges faced by business owners, but also the persisting issues experienced by the employees themselves, including transportation restrictions, internet stability, and data privacy, aside from the ongoing health threat posed by the pandemic.

KMC, which helped over 1,000 businesses in the last decade, has reimagined what is possible for businesses and has redefined what flexible workspace providers can offer during a major economic setback through HOME, HUB, and HQ. The firm is committed to extend their hand to businesses in the Philippines, ensuring continuity of operations and enablingthem to provide more employment opportunities, which will ultimately pave way to a return to growth.

“KMC is a proud partner of some of the most innovative and established businesses in the world, and we are dedicated to consistently provide them with services that will allow them to excel in their respective industries, despite external disruptions. Through HOME, HUB, and HQ, we are partnering with our clients, enabling business continuity amid disruptions, providing clients with responsive and flexible real estate options to accommodate new ways of working,” shared Michael McCullough, CEO and Co-Founder of KMC.

HOME, HUB, and HQ offers different work strategies that are highly flexible, wherein businesses have the option to customize their office plans. Solutions include the following:

Work From Home

Through CASA by KMC™, businesses can choose to bring the workspace to their team members by delivering and setting up proper work equipment in their respective homes, eliminating the need for any travel. Under this model, employees are adequately supported with appropriate work equipment needed, including business-grade Fiber connections, IT devices, and especially furniture. Provisions are customizable, and employers can choose to provide a desk, ergonomic chair, docking station, noise-cancelling headphones, and the necessary software.

Work Near Home

Business availing of this option can have their employees report to any of the 25 KMC workspaces near their homes. This setup ensures stable network communications powered by KMC’s Never-Go-Down-Network™ technology, and easy HR and payroll monitoring through biometric log-ins and or geofencing via an app.

Work in HQ

Under the HQ model, businesses can opt to locate their operations to any of KMC’s 25 sites located in the central business districts in different cities throughout the Philippines.  Under this model, a dedicated private office customized to fit a company’s needs will be provided. In addition, private training and townhall facilities can be booked online.

As many employees face limited transportation options, KMC also partnered up with Singapore-based smart mobility technology firm SWAT Mobility and Toyota Motor Philippinesto provide their clients a seamless and safe way to transport their employees to and from their homes.

With all these initiatives in place, KMC is responding to the realities of many businesses as they transition to the changed landscape of work by optimizing its current resources and opening up more possibilities for clients. This strategy is thefirst of its kind, and KMC is always on the lookout to create innovative solutions to ensure efficient and seamless operations for businesses despite disruptions.

To learn more about HOME, HUB, and HQ, and other services provided by KMC, head over to https://kmc.solutions/for more information.


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