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Khalil Ramos and Sue Ramirez on Netflix’s ‘Dead Kids’


KELVIN MIRANDA, Vance Larena, Khalil Ramos, and Ramirez top-bill the coming-of-age film Dead Kids. Netflix first Filipino original movie is directed by Mikhail Red.

The first Philippine-made Netflix original film has available for streaming to 158 subscribers in 190 countries since December 1, 2019.

This is the third Mikhail Red movie to be streamed, the socio-political thriller Birdshot and the horror flick Eerie.

This is also the way of Direk Mik, who turns 27 years old December 11, in tackling what he called during the movie premiere the “complexities of my generation.”

Dead Kids is loosely based on true events that happened in 2018 about how a group of university students pulled kidnap-for-ransom scheme against one of their classmates.

In the movie, the students attend a private high school where poor but bright kid Mark Sta. Maria (played by Kelvin Miranda) struggles to fit in.

It doesn’t help that the object of his affection, Janina (Sue Ramirez), is also special to the school’s biggest bully, Chuck (Markus Paterson), who fl aunts his father’s riches and connections.

Mark is a favorite among the many boys whom Chuck bullies in school, thus he’s lured by his classmates Blanco (Vance Larena), Paolo (Khalil Ramos), and Go (Jan Silverio) to take revenge.

The trio likewise can’t stand their bratty and bully classmate, with Blanco resenting the fact that his policeman-father acts as a protector of Chuck’s drug lord-father. They recruit Mark in their plan of kidnapping the bully Chuck in exchange for P30 million.

Mark eventually agrees to let them use his rented apartment as their hideout.

While preparing their grand plan, they are forced to include Paolo’s girlfriend Yssa (Gabby Padilla) in their operations, and everything goes downhill.

Being young themselves, the director and screenwriter—brothers—have a firm grasp of the contemporary high school milieu.

They are able to capture it and, with the help of the actors, show it onscreen.

The actors themselves look like they’re still in high school, although Vance Larena’s Blanco character would’ve looked more believable if he’s written as an older student who always gets into trouble that’s why he can’t graduate in time.

The thespian Vance lends an air of gravitas to his angst-filled character who is the mastermind behind the kidnapping scheme.

The movie succeeds as both a coming-of-age and a thriller if not for some missing links in the storytelling.

The young cast do their best in playing their characters, including newbie Kelvin Miranda as the main protagonist.

Kelvin is a revelation in this film as he effectively conveys the moral dilemma being faced by his character.

Having more TV and movie experience among the young cast, Khalil and Sue know how to make the most of their screen time.

Khalil is amusing as the “gago” prankster in the group and endearing as a loyal boyfriend, while Sue manages to make her character memorable, though she’s not part of the main action.

This fast-paced story will take viewers on a wild ride as the kids attempt to pull off the perfect crime in the age of social media.

Keep your eyes peeled for not-so-subtle digs against the war on drugs (wait until you meet Uncle Rody, the drug lord!).

One of the most applauded punchlines of Dead Kids involves a policy affecting smokers everywhere that could very well trigger debates and heated discussions.

Overall, Dead Kids is a worthy addition to your “My List” in Netflix.


DANIEL PADILLA reveals Hello, Love, Goodbye was supposed to be his film with Kathryn Bernardo.

The lead role eventually went to Alden Richards.

However, Daniel and Kathryn both decided to not work together in any project this year, which is why Daniel was not able to do the movie.

Instead, Hello, Love, Goodbye became an opportunity to bring rival networks ABS-CBN and GMA-7 together.

Star Cinema, the producer of the film, tapped Kapuso prime actor Alden Richards to play Kathryn’s leading man.

This was discussed during Daniel’s interview aired on Tonight with Boy Abunda.

Boy Abunda asked Daniel, “If that movie, Hello, Love, Goodbye, were offered to you, tatanggapin mo?”

Daniel answered, “In-offer naman sa akin yun, Tito Boy, e. Sa amin naman talaga originally yun. Originally, dapat yun, para sa amin.”

Why did he reject the film?

Daniel explained, “I just think it was time, napagusapan namin after The Hows of Us na magpapahinga muna kaming dalawa.”

The Hows of Us was the last movie of Kathniel that was shown in 2018.

Daniel narrated how he and Kathryn came up with the decision of not working together this 2019.

“Hindi siya mabilis na proseso na ‘Okay, gawin mo na, gawin mo na.’ Hindi ganun kadali. Isa siyang mahabang proseso.

“It’s something new sa amin and parang out of nowhere, e.

“Si Kathryn, nagtatanong siya kung okay ba ito, ready na ba siya. And mahaba siyang usapan hanggang…yeah.”

Boy then asked Daniel how he felt when Alden was chosen as Kathryn’s leading man.

The 24-year-old actor responded, “Siyempre, noong binanggit, isip, ano mangyayari, paano tatanggapin ito?

“Gusto nating protektahan si Kathryn din and kailangan mo rin ibigay yung tiwala mo, yung tiwala sa nakaisip ng pagsasama na yun.”

Kathryn and Alden’s movie earned P880 million worldwide, according to Star Cinema.

Hello, Love, Goodbye is now considered the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

The movie is nominated in the 9th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards for Best Asian Film.

This 2020, Kathryn and Daniel are set to work together again in a teleserye, which will be produced by Dreamscape Entertainment.

It will be KathNiel’s first teleserye under Dreamscape Entertainment after eight years.

Their first team-up, the weekly series Growing Up, was under this unit.

After Growing Up, KathNiel’s projects were produced by Star Creatives.

When asked about the Kapamilya teleserye, Daniel said, “Wala pa kasing na-pitch sa amin, wala pang na-pitch pero next year, magsisimula na kami magshoot ni Kathryn for a serye.

“I’m just very excited kasi ang tagal na, ang tagal na ng huli naming serye, ang tagal na naming hindi nagsasama ulit and you know, ibang timpla na naman ito, yung takot sine-set aside.”

Kathryn and Daniel will shoot a movie in 2020.


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