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Jesus on material possessions


THE WRITINGS of mystic Maria Valtorta and their post-writing history and analyses are such that only the foolish would ignore it. In the very credible apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, she encouraged the reading of Valtorta’s works.

Unfortunately, her writings, which her followers later compiled and titled Poem of the Man-God (though they were not poems) and later The Gospel as Revealed to Me, are not available in bookstores. Hard copies, in five volumes, are available from abroad, but cost over $300. The bright side is that some of the volumes can now be accessed through diligent search in the internet.

Because of the importance of many parts of the book in our daily lives, I am tempted to share some with readers.

Here, I quote Jesus Christ on possession of material things. Jesus was asked by someone whether, to be saved he had to give away possessions as an act of charity to the detriment of the welfare of his family, and Jesus replied:

“No. God gave you some property. Let it be useful to Justice and make just use of it. That is, assist your family by means of it, which is your duty; treat your servants humanely and that is charity; help the poor and the poor disciples in need. Your wealth will thus not be a hindrance, but an aid.”

Jesus then looked at the crowd before Him and said further:

“I solemnly tell you that also the poorest disciple can be in the same danger of losing Heaven through attachment to riches, if he acts against justice by coming to terms with rich people, after he has become a priest of Mine.

“A rich or wicked man will often endeavor to seduce you with gifts to make you agreeable to his way of living and to his sin. And among My ministers there will be some who will yield to the temptation of presents. That must not happen…

“Too often man allows the edge of the sword of justice to be blunted by the gold which a sinner rubs on it. No, that must not happen.

“Learn how to be poor, how to die, but never come to terms with sin. Not even with the excuse of using that gold for the poor. It is cursed gold and would bear no good. It is the gold of disgraceful compromise.

”You have been appointed masters that you may be masters, doctors and redeemers. What would you be, if your own interest led you to agree to wickedness? Masters of evil science, doctors who kill their patients, not redeemer but parties to the ruin of hearts.

The same chapter quotes Jesus talking about faces. Yes, mukha.

Here are His words:

“It is true that the alternations of the spirit are reflected on one’s face. It is as if the demon appeared on the surface of his possession. Only few people who are demons, either in deeds or appearance, do not disclose what they are. And those few are perfect in evil and perfectly possessed.

“The countenance of a just man, instead, is always beautiful, even if his face is materially disfigured, because of a supernatural beauty, which from the interior exudes exteriorly…

Also as interesting are the following words of Jesus, urging us to pile up treasures in Heaven:

“Store up your treasures at once. Begin in your youth, you young people; work incessantly, you older people who are closer to death because of your age. But since the date of death is unknown and a child often dies before a venerable old man, do not postpone the work of storing up your treasure of virtues and good deeds for the next life, lest death should reach you before you have placed a treasure of merits in Heaven. Many people say ‘Oh I am young and strong; I will enjoy myself for the time being on earth and will turn later.’ A big mistake!”


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