‘Iron Man’ brings cheers to Yolanda victims


    JOY TO SURVIVORS. Clad in Iron Man’s suit, call center supervisor Zamora of Cebu City imitates the signature pose of fi ctional superhero at the MacArthur Park in Barangay Baras, Palo, Leyte.


    Leyte—Silently. he slipped into this calamity ravaged town in Visayas, but his maroon and gold suit is
    easily recognizable. As he get off his family van, children shouted “Iron Man” and he started distributing candies and chocolates.

    Yes, the maroon and gold suit is Iron Man’s, but the man inside is no man of iron, but of a soft heart. He is Paul Vincent Zamora, a 31-year-old call center supervisor from Cebu City who along with his wife visited his in-laws in Tacloban City on Saturday.

    It was Zamora’s second visit to Tacloban City since Supertyphoon Yolanda ravaged the city. However, it was his
    fi rst time to wear his threemonth- old “Iron Man” suit. “I just want to bring joy to people especially to children since Christmas is approaching,” said Zamora in an Interview at the General Douglas MacArthur Park in Barangay Baras here on Saturday.

    Zamora was chanced upon by members of the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (PNEJ) visiting
    Leyte and Samar provinces over the weekend. He said he had just visited two villages in Tacloban City and handed chocolates to children while clad in “Iron Man” suit.

    After visiting Tacloban, he went to MacArthur Park here for his wife to shoot photos of him at the park. The suit was made from rubber materials and was painted with maroon and gold colors. According to Zamora, a friend from Cebu City made the suit for him, and he has been wearing it in their house in Cebu.

    He said that his friend is a good artist who used to produce costumes for local movies.


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