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If it’s meant to be, it will be


THE TITLE above could make a reader be puzzled on why there are things that we would be expecting unexpectedly.

It is because there are some situations that are beyond our control. There are cases when no matter how well you planned, still, things turn out the way you did not expect to happen.

Educators could relate to this scenario because as we all know; they encounter varied situations in their work.

Yes, teachers plan, but their plans may not happen as how they wanted it to do because of the many factors, such as the stakeholders involved, the resources as well as the facilities in the given scenario.

But, though these things happen, teachers are flexible enough to adjust to the situation and would eventually find solutions to some of these things.

They are those who would be wise enough to have other options if things happen in contrast with their plans. They are prudent to analyze things and work on other ways to achieve their goals.

They would not easily surrender just because of the things that they do not expect to happen.

In terms of the classroom situation, teachers are those who would have plans on how to teach lessons, but would be creative enough to use other ways of teaching depending upon the needs and expectations of the learners.

Also, there are some activities that they want to accomplish that would entail them to have manpower and or other facilities or resources but would not be available. Teachers then would be put to tests, would be challenged, but would not give up. For them, though there would be hindrances, the show would still go on.

And so, if you would encounter a situation which happened unexpectedly, expect that teachers would be calm enough to think and find ways of still accomplishing their tasks.


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