Idioms, idiot


    Straight from the horse’s mouth. So promptly, and fittingly, went the edited  copy that came to print, in the context of     Lapid’s Leon Guerrero persona, all too obvious there,  duh. 

    So much for the idioms, go for the idiocy instead. So ranted one virulent kontra to Lapid’s  bida.  On charges of his being a non-Angeleño, the bida said he had asked  around from people  about the city officials and found out that not  one of the village chairs was from Angeles:  “Metung man pu kareng kapitan kanitang 2004ala man taga Angeles… Surian yo man pu.”

    Quick to ridicule Lapid  there as either forkedtongued  or bird-brained. Maybe, even both. So how did these village chairs manage to run,  moreso get elected, if they did not domicile, okay, have permanent residency in the city, as  the Tagalog prefix taga-  validated? 

    No need to ask each and every barangay chair for a detailed resumé backed by baptismal  and birth  certificates, cedula, school records,  etc. just to determine if he or she is indeed  taga-Angeles. Simply understand  that Lapid meant there  roots rather than residency, as can be deduced  from his referencing to city Councilor Max Sangil as from Porac, and former Rep.

    Tarzan  Lazatin of the City of San Fernando. A possible error in the latter, given public knowledge that  the Cong was Angeles City-born and –bred.  No Lapid press conference is ever  complete  without a throwback to his unschooled past: “They say that Lito Lapid is uneducated, he  does not know  how to write, he cannot speak  English…

    ” Now with the update: “But I got myself a  good lawyer,” referring to his  presumptive  running-mate Atty. Willy Rivera.  And out of character, grandstanding: “That’s why I was able to pass a    law, the free legal  assistance for the poor.

    That is why now there is equal justice for both rich and poor alike.”  For  want of a kinder term, I can only say  stupid there. Your Honor, it is the Senate that passes laws. Not the senators,  individually.  Their appellation solon, notwithstanding. Free legal assistance for the poor?

    Equal  justice for both rich and poor? Here? Now? Only in the movies, not necessarily yours, Sir. Some, simply, are more equal than others as  the  National Bilibid Prisons definitively delineated. 

    Lest we forget too Lapid raising the poverty card at every  public discourse: “Andyangrugung dati yang magtindang yelu keta king Porac…(Even if he was just a mere ice  vendor in Porac). But for the non-recall of the puting lampin  his mother covered him with at his birth which  he vowed never to soil with dishonour, it was Lapid all the way to his first gubernatorial run  in 1995.

    A campaign – as in all he  waged –  grounded on non-sequiturs, ad hominems and ad misericordiams. All directed to the visceral,  dulling, disorienting, dumbing, denying the  cerebral.  Despite – mayhaps, even because of  – lapses in semantics and fallacious logic, Lapid has always managed some blockbuster  production at the polls.

    Without fail.  Why,   ven his disastrous defeat in his run  for the Makati mayorship against Jejomar Binay in 2007, Lapid  (ir)rationalizes as “nothing  because I just followed orders from my boss and just like what PNoy said, ‘kayo ang boss   ko,..”

    Addressing the people of Angeles now. That cannot be any further from the truth.  Straight from the    horse’s mouth now: “Here  in Angeles, I was convinced by Tarzan (Lazatin) to run for mayor. He is my idol.”  And under the same breath: “Who will refuse to run for mayor in Angeles?

    The Nepomuceno  patriarch (referring to former mayor Francisco  Nepomuceno) is my godfather and his children are like my own brothers (Balamu kapatad ko pu reng Nepomuceno)…That is why when they invited me to run for mayor who am I to refuse? 

    Siguru pu ing batikus akwanan kuna mu alangalang kekayu bang kanita sumerbisyu ku  (Maybe I will just take all the   criticisms just for your sake so that I can serve you).”  Indubitably now – so Lapid himself publicly declared – his     Angeles City mayoral ambition is grounded solely, absolutely on patronage. 

    Lapid’s “kayo ang boss ko” is not by any   means a reference to the people of Angeles. It is pandering obeisance to the Lazatins  and Nepomucenos. 

    By  surreptitious correlation, Lapid’s  candidacy then is no more than a plot of political  vengeance, given the fact that the  an he is  set to challenge, Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan,  decisively defeated Tarzan Lazatin in 2013 and viciously   vanquished Blueboy Nepomuceno in  2010.  Failing to see this at this early and hold on to  it through 2015 onto 2016 makes the Angeleño the idiot.  


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