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IBP commends Abra RTC judge


February 25,2023

On 20 February 2023,the Regional Trial Court of Abra granted a Writ of Amparo in favor of Excel Billedo, who had allegedly been abducted, detained and tortured by PNP personnel in Bangued, Abra. A protection order was likewise issued in favor of Excel and his mother, Remedios, who filed the Petition for a Writ of Amparo to protect the life, liberty and property of her son.

The Writ of Amparo is one of the great writs created by the High Court to protect citizens from undue harassment and harm, especially those effected by enforcement agencies. It is not issued lightly but, once it is, it carries the full weight of the judiciary behind it.

The IBP commends Judge Bonhoffer V. Bernardez for his prompt action in resolving the case. The IBP likewise recognizes the brave efforts of Atty. Liwliwa Alzate. Abra Chapter immediate Past President and former Legal Aid Committee chair. Her able representation of her clients have aided them in their quest for justice despite great risks to herself. It is a sterling example of lawyering for the public interest.

We call on all members of the Legal Profession – both the Bench and the Bar to share the example set by Judge Bernandez and Atty Alzate as proof that the Rule of Law prevails. Let us support our brethren who stand for the downtrodden

IBP 25Board of Governors


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