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Gruesome Monday in AC


ANGELES CITY — This city was awash Monday with the story of a gruesome police discovery in a washing machine and a bag in Barangay Pampang here: the machine contained the torso of a woman, while in a bag were found chopped up parts of the rest of the victim, including her head.

The police later identified saleslady Lindsey Avelino as the victim. The washing machine where her torso was found was in the apartment where she lived, while the bag where the rest of her body was found was in a nearby vacant lot.

Probers quoted neighbors as saying that the previous night, they had heard Avelino and her live-in partner Eduardo Pasion quarrelling. When things quieted down, they also saw Pasion carrying a bag from out of the apartment.

Police said Pasion later confessed to his employer what he had done. In turn, the employer alerted police.

On the same day, cops cornered Pasion at an abandoned house in Pampang. Pasion, however, was armed with a 9MM pistol and fired at the cops. An exchange of fire killed the suspect.

Probers said apparently, Pasion killed Avelino in a fit of jealousy because the latter was allegedly planning to leave him for another man.

Police said Avelino was a victim of domestic abuse and even filed a formal complaint in December against the suspect and had him arrested. However, she decided to drop the complaint and even bailed him out.


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