Gadon says Senate plan boosted by CJ Sereno impeachment case

    CLARK FREEPORT — Lawyer Lorenzo Gadon, complainant in the impeachment case against Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, admitted here yesterday that the case has boosted his chance to win in the next senatorial race.

    In a forum with the Capampangans in Media, Inc. (CAMI) here yesterday, Gadon said he now is better known by supporters of Pres.

    Duterte who, he noted, enjoys the support of 81 percent of the Filipino people, as well as by the Marcos supporters in the north, and even by Muslims in the South because of his links to Nur Misuari, founder of the Moro National Liberation Front.

    He said he is president of PD30 Core, a group pushing constitutional reforms including a shift to a federal system of government.

    He also expressed support for a revolutionary government under Duterte to “fast track” such reforms.

    “If I were the President, I would have killed more people that he has,” Gadon said during the forum, but requested that he not be quoted on who his targets would be.

    Asked if he would accept any offer from Duterte to any government post, Gadon said he would refuse since “I cannot do all these things if I were in government.”

    Citing prospects of three more associate justices testifying in the impeachment case against Sereno, Gadon cited “zero chance she would not be impeached.”

    He said he expected the Lower House to transmit the impeachment complaint to the Senate by February and that the impeachment trial at the Senate could start in March.

    “I suppose six or seven hearings would be enough (for the Senate to come out with verdict),” he added.

    He noted that the testimonies of the associate justices, including retired associate justice Arturo Brion, court administrator Midas Marquez, and other associate justices who are yet to testify in the Lower House, comprise “enough evidences since they are “not just ordinary justices and they have involvement” in the charges.

    Associate Justices Antonio Carpio, Samuel Martires and Mariano del Castillo are set to testify in the Lower House before the impeachment complaint is brought to the Senate.

    Gadon also said that the senators would not “risk their political career” by not supporting the impeachment case, as he noted that Pres. Duterte, who also wants Sereno impeached, enjoys significant support from the Filipino masses.

    He noted that despite his being relatively unknown and his lack of advertisements during the last senatorial elections, he got votes much higher than those whose names were already familiar to voters.

    Gadon used to be part of the legal team which provided services to former president, now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, during the four years of her hospital detention for graft under the past Aquino administration, until her exoneration after Duterte became president.

    He ran for senator under the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan in the 2016 polls, although he was also an adopted candidate of the Lakas-CMD.

    He is the complainant in the impeachment case against Sereno for graft and corruption and betrayal of public trust.


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