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First Mobile Hybrid Container Solution in the Philippines for COVID-19 Vaccines


German company MECOTEC group partners with Philippinecompany DMI to provide mobile, hybrid containers for deep-freeze, transport, storage, and distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines — MECOTEC GmbH, a German cooling technology provider, today announced an exclusive distributor partnership with local company Deutsche Motorgeräte Inc (DMI) to provide specialized mobile, hybrid containers customized for the Philippine market.

The MCF8 is a mobile, hybrid container that allows for the proper freezing, transport, storage, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to ensure its extensive administration to communities across the Philippines.

Vaccine manufacturers, governments, hospitals, and local communities are facing significant challenges in transporting, storing, and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine options due to the requirement of maintaining a constant temperature from -20down to -80℃ in order to retain their effectiveness. Currently, very few options are available to handle the distribution requirements of these vaccines,” said Enrico Klauer CEO of MECOTEC.

“Through our partnership with DMI, we aim to help equip the Philippines with an effective solution that addresses these concerns as the local distribution of COVID-19 vaccines are on the horizon,” he adds.

“The local distribution of these vaccines require a thorough understanding of our geographical complexities. To address the lengthy logistical lead time often associated with transporting goods within our borders, we need a solution that would allow these vaccines to be stored and transported at the required temperature for a longer period of time.” shares Jess Co President of DMI.

“With MECOTEC’s technology, we can efficiently address these concerns, and even reach smaller and more remote communities,” he adds.

Designed to address these challenges, the MCF8 is equipped with the following beneficial features:

Active deep cooling technology to freeze contents from a low of -20℃ down to an ultra low -80℃ to meet the handling requirements of the various vaccine options
ISO container sizes of 20- or 40-feet that meet current transport standards for truck, railway, ship, and air
Storage of up to 1,000,000 vaccination doses in one 40-foot container and up to 500,000 doses in one 20-foot container
Dual use as a distribution center where vaccines can be taken out in small or large amounts
Access/Preparation chamber within the containers with -20℃ temperature designed for more comfort during distribution
2 cooling units with 2 backup Diesel generator; allows for cooling and redundancies without the need for dry ice or thermal shippers
GPS based tracking and data exchange
Access control security from source to destination


The MCF8 will be available starting the first quarter of 2021.


MECOTEC’s Mobile Hybrid Container Solution for transport, storage, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines


Technical Diagram of the MCF8-20 (20-foot container version)