Filinvest Mimosa charged with theft

    CLARK FREEPORT – A family has filed a complaint for theft against the new owners of the former Mimosa Leisure Estate (MLE) here.

    Harv Harvison, his wife and their two children filed the complaint on June 27 before the Clark Public Safety and Security Department presenting as evidence their proof of membership and the new rules and regulations of Mimosa which reportedly denied them the right to play at the estate’s 36- hole golf course.

    According to Harvison’s complaint, Filinvest Mimosa, Inc. (FMI) is the owner of MLE under a 50-year Lease Agreement contract with the Clark Development Corp. (CDC). FMI has in turn designated Mimosa Cityscapes, Inc. (MCI) to assume sole authority over the operations, maintenance, and management of the Mimosa golf course facilities.

    Harvison said the operations, maintenance, and management of the Mimosa golf course do not give MCI the right to deprive them of their golf privileges.

    He said the golf course has already been closed for a month but did not give them a refund for their monthly dues or for those who paid membership in advance.

    He also said after a month, the Mimosa golf course has remained the same.

    Harvison said they have also informed all CDC directors of the “potential crisis you have on hand.” But he assured that they “will not defame” the new locator but “reserved the right to promote our agenda for a fair and equal consideration.”

    Harvison said aside from the law that man has written; two other laws have been violated by FMI and MCI – the laws of God: “Thou shall not steal and thou shall not covet.”

    He said, “taking away someone’s prepaid golf memberships and privileges is definitely stealing and coveting.”

    Harvison said if FMI, MCI and CDC remain indifferent and adamant, they will organize a protest rally in front of Mimosa.


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