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Extension of lockdown may ease what’s going on


PRESIDENT Duterte, last Tuesday of May 12
Announced an extension of lockdown at the stretch
Of Metro-Manila the world’s now strictest
And longest ECQ: just to contain outbreaks.

Of which is none other than the COVID-19
That would buck a global trend of lockdown, easing
Some countries trying to strike balance between
Containment and what has to keep on restoring.

In which it’s normalcy to limit damages
On our economy’s the principal target
Of president Digong at this very moment
Up to the last day this virus has no effect.

He mentioned extension in different places
And later, confirmed that lockdown of the biggest
Cities like Cebu and other metropolis,
Are required to attend to what is mandated.

We have to generate resources for this long-
Term fight against said pandemic virus, for sure
If without the economic interventions
The result would be more than any be harmful.

And restriction will be eased across our country
In areas deemed no risk and some activity
Should be permitted in the capital city,
It could also boost back our economy.

But as long as there are some hard headed people
That they prefer to stay outside and roamed around
The streets and our sidewalks than just stay at home,
Such pandemic virus it’s so hard to control.

Duterte had warned us against complacency
And wearing of face musk is a necessity,
But as to what we had observed it’s just simply
Only has been taken for granted by many.

Manila’s lockdown has since mid-March mandated
A social distancing, self quarantine, or else
Who ever found ‘guilty’ shall be apprehended
And face what I can say graver consequences.

Curbs on transport and outdoor exercises,
Immigration, as well as limits of movements
To workers and household like going to markets,
Should be allowed upon restriction is lifted.

We are one of the first countries to ban flights
To and from main China and some other countries’
Visitors who were found seriously positive
Of said virus, I doubt invented by Chinese.

Stay home is the best way to combat any
Form of sickness that now affecting so many
Individual, like for example our country
That has been affected by said virus gravely.

As we have to wait for another few days more
Up to last day of May or possibly before
The first week of next month, if ever some people
Who are hard headed shall not give way to Digong

In his urgent desire to end COVID-19’s
Destructive effect for our dear Philippines,
In which we may say by any possible means
Our loving president shall keep on it moving

To attain his target to extend all the best
Thing in this world to his beloved constituents
Up to the last minute being the president,
For sure, what he has did, some shall never forget!


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