Bataan students plant mangroves

    BALANGA CITY – High school and college students of the Asia Pacific School for Advanced Studies in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources planted more than 1,500 mangrove seedlings at the barren shores of the bird-watching wetlands here.

    Lawyer Ricardo Lazaro, Jr., provincial environment and natural resources officer, said planting of the “pagatpat” or “palatpat” mangrove specie is part of the school’s worthy project on its 10th anniversary. “This will mitigate global warming through the absorption of carbon monoxide.”

    Lazaro and Restituto Bauan, technical director for research of DENR in Region 3, said mangroves serve as “taga-sala” of wastes from Manila Bay.  “Kapag lumaki ang mga alon, sa halip na sa kabayanan pumunta ang tubig at magdulot ng baha, pinipigilan ito ng mga bakawan at pagatpat,” the two officials said.

    Bauan said the food chain will be destroyed in the absence of mangroves that become the habitat of birds, crabs, sawa and bayawak.

    The mangrove seedlings were planted adjacent to the grown-up bakawan and palapat or pagatpat on the bird-watching site in the seaside village of Tortugas here. The students using pointed boho dug on the sand and seem to enjoy planting mangroves.


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