Duterte dares prosecutors in war vs. drugs, corruption

    CLARK FREEPORT– Pres. Duterte has challenged government prosecutors to join him in his war against illegal drugs and corruption in government, citing the importance of the principles of malice and negligence in handing such cases.

    “When someone commits a crime under the influence of drugs, he kills, he rapes, robbery with homicide, robbery with rape, and when the psychiatrist examines the idiot, he would come to the conclusion that he is not in his complete faculties,” he said during the 29th Annual National Convention of the Prosecutors’ League of the Philippines (PLP) here the other day.

    This, even as the President also urged prosecutors to work closely with the administration in the fi ghts against corruption in government. He also stressed that under his government, promotions of personnel will be through a merit system.

    “I will not allow politics to set in. Whether you are an appointee, stand on your merit because it will always be based on your performance, on what is right and legal,” he stressed.

    Duterte lamented that illegal drugs have also affected Filipino values by victimizing minors, innocent people and even the relatives of drug users.

    He said illegal drugs should also be one of the challenges that prosecutors must face, as he noted that such drugs are the root of the most heinous crimes in the country.

    The President again cited statistics showing that 77,000 deaths in criminal incidents are drug-related, as he reiterated reports that the country has four million drug users with 40 percent of barangay heads involved in illegal drugs.

    “I have to destroy an apparatus. I am the President at this time and I get to solve the problems that were known only by now. The beginning and end of my presidency is to preserve the Filipino nation and our children,” he said.

    “I was mayor for the last 23 years of Davao City. I was also a prosecutor and was also appointed special prosecutor for the Tanodbayan during the time when the Ombudsman was not yet created. During that time, I admit that I also have many faults. But when it comes to drugs and corruption, I will be a bit harsh and I will never compromise my stand against it,” Duterte said.

    The PLP is a non-stock, non-sectarian and non-political association of active and former public prosecutors and prosecuting attorneys in the National Prosecution Service of the Department of Justice.

    This year’s convention carries the theme “Taga- usig Kabalikat ng Pangulo Laban sa Droga at Katiwalian.”


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