Challenging the EMB

    The Pinoy Gumising Ka Movement (PGKM) recently challenged the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) to release the names of the piggeries which allegedly violated environmental standards if only to prove that the supposed investigation was real and legitimate.

    In a recent interview with PGKM Chairman Ruperto Cruz, he said the alleged EMB report is nothing but a ploy to downplay the issue on the piggeries in Sta. Cruz and Manibaug, Porac. “The report is nothing but a mere ploy to stop the people from questioning the government’s inaction on the issue of these piggeries. For the longest time, the EMB has done nothing to tolerate the alleged violations of these companies,” Cruz said.

    Cruz casts doubt on the report as the names of the piggeries were not made public while there were no details provided to prove the report’s credibility. He added that the complainants against the piggery were not invited to joint the inspections. Should the EMB involved all parties concerned in the investigation, they could have shown more t6ransparency and credibility.

    Given the current issues on the swine flu, the EMB should be more accountable in performing its task, especially in issues such as health hazards and environmental concerns caused by piggeries. The people are threatened and alarmed over the circulating scare on swine flu but the EMB and local government of Porac seems to be taking less serious effort to address health issues related to the piggeries.

    The government should at least help assure the public of our safety and protection from virus acquired from the hog and poultry industry so the piggery problem is not actually too alienated from such concerns.

    “Kung ang problema lang sa amoy at perwisyong dala ng mga piggery ay hindi magawa ng tama ng EMB, paano pa kaya pag tinamaan tayo ng swine flu? Ang imbestigasyon nila ay kahina-hinala. Ginagamit lang ito upang patigilin ang mga tao sa pagtatanong kung ano na ang nangyari sa sinasabi nilang relokasyon,” Cruz said.

    Earlier, the office of the mayor has reported that six piggeries were positively confirmed for violating the environmental safety measures although there were no reported penalties for the violators.

    Prior to the release of the report, PGKM and the Krusada Kontra Amoy (KKA) already asked the government to relocate or close the piggeries. The issue was elevated to the Sangguniang Bayan but the task force on the piggery issue led by Rogie Pangilinan said that the proposed relocation is still pending before the council.

    But the resolution of the piggery issue must be given priority by the LGU. The people are asking for immediate action. Likewise, the EMB is being asked to be more transparent. Show the full report and reveal the names of the violators.


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