Home Headlines CDC to impose penalties to violators of safety protocols in Clark

CDC to impose penalties to violators of safety protocols in Clark


CLARK FREEPORT—  With new and stricter guidelines in place, appropriate penalties will now be imposed to violators of health and safety protocols in this Freeport.

This was gleaned in a memorandum circular issued last week by Clark Development Corporation. The memo outlines new rules on the prevention of COVID-19 in public areas of this Freeport.

As it prepares to reopen the public areas of the Freeport, the state-owned corporation said that it opted to formulate new policies to effectively implement the health and safety protocols of the Inter Agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) in the zone.

Under the new set of protocols, all persons are required to properly wear face masks at all times in public spaces of the Freeport. Face masks can only be removed temporarily when eating or drinking if there is at least a six feet physical distance between individuals.

CDC also said that groupings will be allowed in communal spaces provided that all members of the group belong to the same household. Aside from this, they should also properly wear their facemasks and keep a distance of at least ten meters from other persons or groups apart from theirs.

The following penalties will be enforced to anyone who will be caught violating the said protocols. An administrative fine of P300 will be charged for first offense, P500 for second offense, and P1000 for the third and succeeding offense.

Personnel from the CDC’s Public Safety Division (PSD) will be stationed in all parks and other areas to ensure that visitors, guests, and stakeholders adhere to health and safety regulations.

Meanwhile, the state-owned firm also expects that the public will practice responsible waste disposal especially on communal spaces of the zone. Recently, additional trash bins were installed in different areas of the Freeport to educate and encourage the public on proper waste management and segregation.

More details about the new guidelines in Clark Freeport Zone can be accessed through CDC’s official Facebook page and website.


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