Cabalen Harbor Point Subic now offers Street Food

    CABALEN SUBIC now at its peak!

    With the large number of demands by people from nearby towns and especially our kababayans coming from abroad, cabalen harbor point subic is now introducing a latest addition to its sumptuous feasts – Smart Street Sugbahan Festival for the month of October which aligns in Bacolod Maskara Festival that features inihaw / sinugba favorites.

    Street food is a common favorite among pinoys, and to cater to valued customers and give them an ambience of the tusuk-tusok along street sides, cabalen harbor point subic will be including various tasty ihaw-ihaw off erings in its buff et table, for the month of October.

    Aside from the regular grilled servings, cabalen harbor point subic will now be serving Smart Street Sugbahan food like cocktail hotdogs, chicken feet which is familiar to other as “ adidas “, pork tenga, chicken and pork isaw, kwek-kwek, fish balls, squid balls, and kikiam – all of which are of premium quality and kids would really crave for. Aside from the highlights for the month of October, Cabalen Harbor Point Subic is also now off ering Take Home Favorites for 2. Avid customers who loved eating authentic Filipino Dish cooked in Capampangan way can now have the great chance of having it at home or even a “ pasalubong “ to their special loved ones. Try and be satisfi ed with Take Home Favorites for 2. This is a nationwide ongoing promo for Cabalen.

    With its 50-seater function room, Cabalen Harbor Point Subic is also accommodating seminars, weddings, baptismal, get-togethers and all other events.

    Cabalen Harbor Point Subic, which has been an all-time favorite among buffet lovers, also offers packed meals and take-out food good for two persons, thanks to store manager marilyn gavino and supervisor darlyn thater, who made this idea possible.

    The famous restaurant will also be introducing its store jingle titled “cabalen subic” a collaboration of kapampangan r&b singer jonas david and kapampangan songwriter/composer jay gopez.

    For those who have discriminating tastes, cabalen is the best choice for palatable salads and appetizers and mouthwatering dishes from authentic kapampangan cuisine , diff erent regional specialties to various sweet courses.

    Cabalen Harbor Point Subic is located at the ground level of Harbor Point Subic.

    At Cabalen – malaus ko pu (you are welcome)


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