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BM boosts community pantries with local farm produce


BM Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab expresses her solidarity with the community pantry in Gawad Kalinga Village, Barangay San Nicolas 1st. MPC-IG photo

MAGALANG, Pampanga
Truckloads of fresh farm produce and other food and health essentials replenished the stocks of three community pantries here Thursday.

It is our expression of solidarity with our people helping one another to cope with the hardships brought about by the pandemic, said former Lubao mayor and current 2nd District board member Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab who handed over to the pantry organizers the goods procured from her personal funds and donations from supporters.

The beneficiaries were the community pantries of the GK Village, Barangay Santo Rosario, and the far-flung hamlet village of Barangay Navaling.

Community pantry at Barangay Navaling gets fresh vegetables, eggs, rice and other food products from BM Mylyn. MPC-IG photo

The farm products that included assorted vegetables, rice and eggs were sourced from local farmers and poultry growers.

This is to ascertain the freshness of the food stuff we share with our community pantries, as well as our little way of helping our local farmers and food producers whose livelihood is also reeling from the adverse effect of the pandemic, Cayabyab said.

The provision of supply to the community pantries, Cayabyab hoped, would sustain further their capacity to support the day-to-day needs of the poorest families in their respective barangays.

Magalang is just the start of our solidarity with the community pantries. We will be going around Pampanga with the same mission, she said.

Joining Cayabyab in her bayanihan sorties are fellow provincial board members.

We have crossed not only political lines but district borders in this endeavor, acting as one and being one with the Capampangan, Cayabyab saidWith MPC-IG


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