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‘Bleak political landscape’


WHILE A semblance of democracy is still in place and our democratic institutions somehow continue to function, we are already like the proverbial frog swimming in a pot of slowly boiling water.  

We draw encouragement from the belief that in various government agencies we still have many people of good will whose hearts are in the right places, and who remain objective and independent minded.  We have nothing but admiration for these public servants in all branches of government who do only as conscience dictates and do not allow themselves to be intimidated or prevented by political pressure from performing their constitutionally mandated duties.  We can only wish that there would be more of them. They are an important element to the strengthening of our government institutions, and are an essential key to a stable and functional democratic system.

Allow us then to end this letter by inviting you to pray with us,

“Be with us O Lord our God, as we continue to face the ravages of the Covid-19
pandemic, as well as the recent political developments that have deeply divided
our country.  You know how desperately we need to be united in order to fight a
common unseen enemy that has caused a lot of sufferings and uncertainties,
widespread infections, an overwhelmed health care system, loss of jobs, hunger,
immense losses in business, and loss of lives.

We pray for our public servants, our people in government, especially those
among them who remain upright and continue to be motivated by a genuine
sense of duty and love for country.  Protect them, Lord, and give them the
courage to stand their ground on the side of truth and justice.

May the crisis brought about by the pandemic bring about conversion and a
change of heart in all of us.  May it teach us to rise above personal and political
loyalties and make us redirect all our efforts towards the common good.  May we
be guided by your Spirit to respond with mercy and compassion for the poor, the
disadvantaged and the most vulnerable sectors of our society. For we know that
what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters we do for you. AMEN.”

(From the A Pastoral Letter and A Call to Prayer by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, 16 July 2020)


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