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Bishop offers pastoral statement for departed OFWs


BALANGA CITY — The bishop of the Diocese of Balanga on Friday announced the holding of a live streaming funeral blessings and prayers for the arriving first batch of departed overseas Filipino workers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Bataan Bishop Ruperto C. Santos, International Catholic Migration Commission Asia Working Group coordinator, also issued a pastoral statement for what he described as sad and sorrowful homecoming.

“We welcome them as heroes and they are forever in our hearts. They did not die in vain. It is because they dedicated and devoted their lives for the betterment and brighter future of their loved ones and for what is economically best and beneficial to our country,” the prelate said.

He said that at 9:30 in the morning of Friday  as the departed OFWs arrive home, a live streaming funeral blessings and prayers are held at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Balanga City for the eternal repose of their souls.

“They are now home with our Almighty God. They remain in our hearts and their legacy of sacrificial love must be lived on,” Santos said.

He said that we must work together to keep the OFWs well protected and their rights promoted.

“We extend our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to their bereaved families, invoking our Almighty God for their continued strength and unwavering faith in Him. Let us always pray for them that they remain safe and strong,” the Bataan bishop said.


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