Bishop finds SONA ‘impressive, informative’
    But doubts its effects on ordinary folk


    BALANGA City- The Bataan bishop on Monday described the State of the Nation Address of Pres. Aquino as “very informative” and the enumerations of his achievements as “very impressive” but doubted its effects on ordinary folk.

    “He listed his accomplishments with specific quantities, very impressive but are they being felt by ordinary people?,” Bishop Ruperto Santos of the Diocese of Balanga asked.

    Under the diocese are 11 towns and one city in Bataan. “I doubt it because we are being besieged with rising prices and scarcity of fuel and goods such as garlic, rice, lack of electricity,” Santos said While he considered the SONA “very inspiring,” Santos said it was lacking in reality.

    “He appealed to us to believe in ourselves that we can rise up and yes we are and we can but what is lacking is until now no one is being prosecuted after his nearly five years in office,” the prelate said.

    Santos said that no one has been sent to jail but only being indicted. The bishop also claimed that Aquino was indirectly campaigning, invoking the people to vote for his Cabinet men.

    “Can he not see that there are also in his Cabinet who are going out from his matuwid na daan?,” Santos said.


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