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Bishop calls on Houthis to stop attacks

Bishop Ruperto Cruz Santos. Photo: Ernie Esconde

BALANGA CITY — Bishop Promoter Ruperto Cruz Santos of CBCP Stella Maris-Philippines called on the Houthis to stop all attacks, aggression and intrusion in the Red Sea, following the death of two Filipinos and a Vietnamese due to missile attack on March 6. 

The fatalities were crews of commercial ship True Confidence. “This incident underscores the danger to human life, property and marine environment in the area,” said the former Bataan bishop, now bishop of Antipolo in Rizal. 

Santos said the Houthi missile attack has aggravated an already heightened tension in the Red Sea. It was the first fatal assault that, he said, further intensified the conflict on an important naval route disrupting global shipping between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

“In this moment of war, chaos and uncertainty, let us all turn to God for His divine intervention. Let us pray for peace in the Middle East, entrusting everything in His power and mercy. We call on our Stella Maris chaplains and pastoral workers for prayers and celebrations of the Holy Eucharist for the safety of all the seafarers around the world,” the bishop said.

Stella Maris is a Catholic organization helping seafarers.

“We place our trust in God’s miraculous love for peace, diplomatic settlements and to soften the hearts of both sides. May each one respect life, promote the common good and protect the individual rights and welfare,” Santos continued. 

The bishop said that they are one and united with the families of the victims. “We urge them to be strong and lift up everyone and everything to God. Be strong. Hold on to Him. Pray with us as we offer our Holy Masses for you and your loved ones.”


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