Bestseller ang FHM cover ni Alice Dixson


    BESTSELLER ang FHM cover ni Alice Dixson. She had an autograph signing session a few days ago at Robinson’s Galleria, the mall where she, an urban legend says, was attacked by a giant snake.

    The autograph signing was a huge blockbuster, with long lines of his male fans queuing to have their copies of the mag signed by her. She patiently did some signing for a couple of hours but more guys kept coming in and she got tired so she got up.

    Howls of protestation came from those whose copies she failed to sign and they followed her up to her car.

    “Hot pa talaga si Alice,” says TV5 PR head Peachy Vibal-Guioguio who acted as broker for Alice’s sexy pictorial.

    “At 44, ang dami pang bilib sa kaseksihan niya.” “Oo naman,” agrees Derek Ramsay, Alice’s leading man in the much talked about TV5 provocative drama, “For Love or Money”, that’s gaining more viewers every Thursday night at 9 p.m. “At her age, you can really see na vavavoom pa rin ang fi gure at kaseksihan niya.”

    Asked if she’d do such sexy pictorials again in the future, Alice demurred. “Sorry, ‘yun na ‘yun,” she says.

    “Palagay ko, hindi na mauulit ‘yan. It was something that I never planned to do but I think it’s just like love. When the opportunity comes I mean it just comes at any time, right? You will never know. It will just hit you. It came at a time na I was just open to the idea, it happened, but what comes next hindi ko alam.

    I never really expected it will be that warmly received kasi I never really went sexy even in my heydays with Regal.

    The sexiest I did is when I played ‘Dyesebel’ in 1989 with Richard Gomez, which was big hit. Now that I posed for FHM, I never thought it’d be that popular. Like they were telling me na it garnered the most likes and visits on their Facebook page.

    Siyempre masaya ako, at the same time my friends are kidding me like ‘What did you do?’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know. What did I do?’ I guess parang naging preview rin ‘yung pagsusuot ko ng two-piece sa pilot episode ng ‘For Love or Money’. Siguro maraming nakagusto o naintriga roon so when the pictorial came out, ayun, very warm ang naging pagtanggap ng mga tao. Salamat naman.”


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