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Be a productive teacher


WE TEACHERS are always aiming to be productive in everything we do. Since we are used to multi-tasking, we could accomplish a lot of things and do our responsibilities very well. Particularly in making our learners learn to the fullest.

But of course, being productive entails a lot of things. One of which is knowing how to manage time well. Because if we have so many things that are to be done, and yet you do not know which should be done first, then we could end doing nothing or perhaps not accomplishing what we need to prioritize the most.

To be productive is to organize things well by also creating a checklist so that would not miss an important task to be done. Also, make sure that we do things one step at a time. Do not be a haste. Though we must be finishing these and that, still efficiency is the key.

To be productive is to have passion in what we do. Because, if we love what we are doing, then we wouldn’t feel tiredness. We shall have the energy to keep us going. We wouldn’t notice that time ticks because we are busy enough to do what we love.

To be productive is to have the eagerness to make a difference. If we want a positive change in our organization, we would of course be assets by doing our job well and accomplishing our tasks in a productive manner. We do not want to be liabilities; thus, we shall be working hard for us to complete our assigned tasks.

Also, productivity is reflected through a high rating of performance. All our report should be acknowledged and recognize by receiving an outstanding rating at the end of the school year.

Lastly, as servant of the Lord, we would of course be doing our jobs well with all our might, with or without superiors looking, because we know the Big Boss shall reward us for the productive things we do for our organization.

Cynthia S. Dizon
Teacher III
Mexico Elementary School
Mexico South District

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. — Editor)


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