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Baylon to Kapampangans: Vote without fear


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – Pampanga gubernatorial bet Danilo Baylon has urged his kabalen to vote without fear on Monday, May 9.

“Let’s not be intimidated nor frightened by fear-mongerers who are taking advantage of the recent assassination of a barangay captain to scare away people from the polling places to cast their vote,” Baylon said.

“Neither should anyone be afraid of making the right decision to choose the right candidate to serve or lead in government,” he added. Baylon said that he has reports of some local candidates making a peace-and-order issue out of the recent violent killing of Barangay Captain Alvin Mendoza of Alasas, this city.

The public should not fall for such political tactic which , he said, can be a sign of political desperation and moral bankcruptcy.

Baylon has expressed confidence in the Commission on Election and the Philippine National Police in ensuring there will be peaceful and orderly election in Pampanga on Monday. He also hoped that the police and other law enforcement agencies will be able resolve the murder of Mendoza the soonest to calm an anxious and angry public over his brutal slaying last Saturday.

“If public pressure is brought to bear on our law enforcers, it is because the life of one man, especially a public servant, is precious to be ended in a way that is a blatant affront to any decent and democratic society like ours, whatever the motive behind it,” Baylon stressed.

“The action of the PNP to immediately form a task force to solve the Mendoza killing is commendable and needs the support of everyone to ensure that it achieves its objective,” Baylon said.

Earlier, Baylon has offered a P2 million reward for the capture of the still unidentified suspects who shot Mendoza at close range multiple times while driving his SUV on his way to meeting in a hotel resort in the city. He died on the spot.

Baylon also cautioned the public from making a fast and easy conclusion as the motive behind Mendoza’s assassination which could unfairly cast suspicion on innocent people or groups and even unduly politicized the killing.

“I appeal to the public for calm, sobriety and good judgment because this is an adverse time that can make us all vulnerable and tendentious in our judgment and decision-making,” he said.



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