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Bataan limits movement of unvaxxed 


BALANGA CITY — The provincial inter-agency task force on Covid-19 has passed a resolution setting regulations on the movement of unvaccinated individuals in Bataan, including those below 12 years old.

“The provincial IATF deems it urgent and appropriate to prescribe regulations on the movement of unvaccinated individuals as a measure against the threat of the Omicron variant for the protection of public health, promotion of general welfare and sustainability of an improving economy in the province,” Gov. Albert Garcia said Wednesday.

The governor chairs the provincial task force.

Unvaccinated individuals and those belonging to ineligible age population below 12 years old are asked to remain in their residences at all times except for the procurement of essential goods and services but subject to the production of proof to support and justify such travel.

They are also prohibited in indoor and outdoor/al fresco dining in restaurants and other food establishments and from leisure and social trips to malls, hotels, event venues, sports and country clubs and closed spaces, closed contact settings and crowded facilities.

Those unvaccinated are not allowed in public transportation, except for the procurement of goods and services subject to the production of proof and justification of such travel.

They are required to undergo a RT-PCR test every two weeks at their personal expense and present a Covid–19 negative result prior to being admitted for work onsite consistent with the guidelines, rules and regulations of the IATF and the Department of Labor and Employment.

If the RT-PCR result is not immediately available, a rapid anti-gen test may be utilized.

The restrictions also cover individuals who reside outside of Bataan but who work and/or travel in the province.

“Public and private establishments may validly refuse entry and/or deny service to individuals who remain unvaccinated, despite being eligible for vaccination. For this purpose, they may require the presentation of vaccination cards as a condition for entry and accommodation,” Garcia said.



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