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Aspire Prime Residences opens prime lots


APRIL MEANS the start of the scorching hot season!

While several people take on the roads away from the city life, some just enjoy the comfort of their homes and anything the homey vibe has to offer. After all, this season is not just for beach-lovers and adventure-seekers. That is why this April, The Hauslands has something more to offer!

Aspire Prime Residences, an exclusive community of The Hauslands nestled in Brgy. Dela Paz Norte, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, is opening yet another exclusive and rare chance for the Kapampangans to have their own home.

On all Saturdays of April 2019 (6, 13, and 27) except on April 20 (Black Saturday), Aspire Prime Residences will be opening its gates will offer prime lots for Dream units!

Dream model unit is more than an average home. As a unit that has 120 sqm. lot area and a 93.40 sqm floor area, Dream impresses serene living and captures one’s desire for a maximum use of space inside the home. It has four (4) bedrooms and three (3) toilet and bath, with a balcony where you can hangout.

Apart from being able to spend your days conveniently inside the Dream unit, you could also make use of Aspire Prime Residences’ swimming Pool, The Pavilion, fitness center, fun zone, and basketball court. These are the amenities where everyone can spend their day, relax and be active without leaving town this summer.

Location is the prime aspect why residents choose Aspire Prime Residences. Its location and access to both the main cities of Pampanga makes it different from other projects. Located at Brgy. Dela Paz, City of San Fernando, Aspire Prime Residences is only few minutes away from the bustling city of Angeles, as well as the City of San Fernando. The access to both of the cities makes the development nearer to the major establishments such as hospitals, schools, and commercial businesses like restaurants, resorts, and other places where you can spend your time and relax with your loved ones.

Apart from its accessibility, this 6.43 hectare community also boasts of its exclusivity and its multi-functional spaces.

True enough, Aspire Prime Residences delivers the quality living everyone always dreamed of. So if you want to be part of this exclusive community, take the chance to reserve your home during the open house on all Saturdays of April (6, 12, 27) except on April 20 at Aspire Prime Residences.


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