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POTANG BENGI the art of Asian cooking

POTANG BENGI Seafood Grill and Asian Eatery is the new Asian street food restaurant in Angeles City. A stunning and vibrant first look gave me a hint of an energetic culinary ride.  Cooking up a storm across a spread of Asian cuisine from Bangkok’s classic street food favorites, Singaporean hawker hearty bowls and noodles, to straight-up Japanese after-work drinks and snacks, there’s something for everyone.


Instagrammable decorative walls

Nailing down that perfect pairing between appetizing cuisine and enticing ambiance is key. When it comes to creating a locale for an ideal dining place, no one does it better than successful restaurateur Raymond Magdaluyo of The Red Crab Group.

“Potang Bengi, from the name itself, is playful and something different. We offer the best of the best Asian food in a fit nice warehouse setting. It’s alfresco, safe, and conducive to diners,” shared owner Raymond. 


Alfresco Dining Hall

It makes an entirely new experience for diners whose incessant demands are driven by their ever-evolving tastes. “Potang Bengi currently offers 65 items in the menu, with plans to expand it with more flavors from different countries in the future,” he furthered.


Cocktail Bar

There is that familiar smell and flavor to the food, yet it still stirs up the palate and teases the taste buds. Its all Asian, the best it can offer.  

BANGKOK EXPRESS takes diners to a feast of classic Thai street food like Pad Kra Pow and Tom Yum to name just two. 

Kar Moo Pad Krapow or famous Thai street food stir-fried pork neck with spices
Tom Kha Gai or best ever sweet and sour chicken coconut soup








HAWKER 928 offers comfort -o-the-core Singaporean favorites like Bak Kut Teh, sate, rendang and the Potang Bengi best seller D’ Lobster Laksa.

D’ Lobster Laksa 300 grams Pitik + Lobster balls for only P 598 good for sharing


Hawkers Sate Sampler well marinated assorted seafood and meat on sticks



MALABANIAS IZAKAYA adds some thrill with Japanese flavors as Potang Bengi reigns supreme with signature creations of yakiroti, ebi tempura and yakisoba among others.

Yakitori spices shine in this simple yet rich skewers

While their main entrees continue to attract my curiosity further, other items on their menu keep coming up with surprises. Yes, Potang Bengi takes you there, wherever you want to go, whatever you want to taste.

Join the grand launch on June 11 (Saturday) with Kiro and True Faith. 

Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eatery is located at Richtofen Street, corner Westerways Avenue, Hensonville Subdivision, Angeles City, for reservation call 0915-9738598, open daily from 5:00 PM – 12:00 midnight. 

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