Argument over FPJ, Coco ends in fatal stabbing

    CLARK FREEPORT – An argument on who was the better actor between Fernando Poe Jr. and Coco Martin in “Ang Probinsyano,” a movie which had starred Poe and now a running television series led by Martin, proved fatal between their fans in Cabanatuan City last Sunday midnight.

    A report from Cabanatuan police chief Supt. Ponciano Zafra said slain victim Cris Laurio, 40, of Masbate and his friend, suspect Victor Gumatay, 40, of Zamboanga del Sur, were initially on a drinking spree at a construction project of Rembrandt Builders for whom they worked as laborers in Barangay San Jose Sur in Cabanatuan. Both were stay-in workers at the site.

    Their conversation veered towards the Probinsyano television series, opening up an argument on who between Poe and Martin was the better actor. Laurio batted for Martin while his friend stood up for Poe, Zafra said.

    Th heated argument ended up with Gumatay stabbing Laurio several times, killing the latter.

    Gumatay told investigators that Laurio was the first to pull out a knife against him and he merely took away the weapon to defend himself, although he ended up stabbing Laurio.

    Gumatay expressed remorse over the death of his friend and blamed alcoholism for his deed.

    Zafra also cited reports that the suspect and the victim were known to have been using illegal drugs.

    “I suspect they were also under the influence of illegal drugs during the incident,” Zafra said. Under his leadership, a total of 3,723 illegal drug users have surrendered to the police in Cabanatuan over the recent months.

    Gamatay was charged with homicide.


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