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Allstars’ Digital Transformation: Shifting to new roles and turning turbulence around


After years of enabling everyone to fly, AirAsia has come a long way by transforming itself to becoming a leading travel and financial platform in Asia Pacific, providing air transport, travel and lifestyle services, as well as financial services. AirAsia is proving to be not only a major player, but a disruptor in the rising digital economy.

In this fast paced and constantly shifting business environment, AirAsia continues to invest in its greatest asset, its people. The company’s digital transformation extends beyond its vast and unique products and services, and applies internally as more Allstars are shifting to digital roles, growing alongside the company which continues to evolve amidst a pandemic.

As flight operations have lessened due to travel restrictions, former Allstar Cabin Crew members share their inspiring stories of marching on, rising up to the challenge of new digital roles, and adapting to change with determination and hope.


Christian “Badi” Badilles, Cabin Crew to Integrated Marketing Branding Officer

Badi rose up to the challenge of joining the Integrated Marketing (Branding) Team as an opportunity to sharpen his interpersonal skills, but more importantly, Badi believes that every Allstar must support the company in any way they can to get through this difficult time.

As a Branding Officer, Badi adjusted easily having significant experience in similar fields since college. Because of that, it would come naturally whenever he would assist in the production of campaign materials, and when he would coordinate with various external stakeholders such as sponsors, suppliers, and partners as well as internal teams to ensure the proper roll-out and monitoring of creative materials.

Badi can’t say that he doesn’t miss his role as a Cabin Crew, but is making the most of his Branding role which he believes will be useful whatever his future holds.

Despite challenges and uncertainty, Badi remains hopeful and determined that through it all, AirAsia will soar higher than it did before.


Lea Tapican, Cabin Crew to Data Analyst, Customer Experience Team

Lea pivoted to a new role in a heartbeat as she knew she was capable of bigger things. Grounded with humility, Lea acknowledges how small she is, but how great she can become. She always believes she could do so much more and constantly wants to challenge herself, by amplifying her capabilities and her purpose.

Lea joined the Customer Experience Team analyzing pertinent data which has been crucial in refining the overall customer journey in AirAsia, and in identifying trends which assist internal teams in making major decisions. She enjoys being given the chance to present her ideas and having a voice for the betterment of the company, as well as the mentorship and growth that comes with the role.

Lea looks forward to the day she can fly again but aims to continue her analytics role which contributes both to the company and to her personal growth. Through her journey, Lea chooses to stay grateful, chooses happiness, and swears never to let her ambitions be limited to the sky.


Kevin Briant Samonte, Cabin Crew to Creatives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Lead

As an Advertising graduate and an avid fan of all things Design, Kevin volunteered to join the Communications and Public Affairs Team as its Creatives Lead with extensive knowledge and freelance experience in video and photo editing prior to joining the aviation industry.

As the pandemic brought more opportunities for the company to help those in need, Kevin took on an additional role of being the CSR Lead, spearheading Public Affairs initiatives and partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Kevin is grateful and stays motivated knowing that he has a critical role in the company; one of the biggest opportunities he has ever accepted to grow and contribute with greater purpose.

Inspired by his own father who is a graphic artist, Kevin only hopes that his designs, and CSR initiatives are able to inspire others too. Kevin believes that when your heart is in the right place, the output will turn out to be a success no matter how tiring and stressful work can get.


Alexis Marie de la Serna, Cabin Crew to Marketing and Flight Operations Officer

Though unable to fly for the time being, Alexis shifts to the back-end of the airline’s operations by double-hatting under two teams assisting the Director of Flight Operations (DFO) in preparing the needed reports, as well as assisting the Marketing team by providing data visualization of flight information.

As a former researcher and associate software engineer, Alexis immediately grabbed the opportunity to be able to use her specialized skills as her contribution to the massive impact of the pandemic to the industry. Alexis believes that as the company adjusts to the changes, Allstars too must embrace their own changes.

Alexis very much enjoys her new tasks in her dream company, and feels honored to be working directly with the DFO and upper management, whom she learns from and gains much wisdom and encouragement.


Kriemhild Galen Garcia, Cabin Crew to Customer Happiness Officer 

Galen willingly accepted one of the most challenging roles in the aviation industry today: Customer Happiness, shifting her experience in guest relations from onboard the aircraft to electronic methods, contacting guests with affected flights and responding to comments and concerns received on various channels.

Galen admits that this new role is very tough and emotionally exhausting, being the direct receiver of complaints, in a time when flights are often affected by several factors. Through strength and perseverance, she is able to get by each day knowing that the situation will improve soon.  She’s also very grateful to be part of a team that has been very supportive.

Through it all, Galen finds ways to make the most of this experience, finding lessons in conversations, and growing in kindness and compassion. She has learned to see the good in everything even when others can’t, and only aims to come out of this stronger, which her future self will be proud of.


AirAsia celebrates the resilient and hardworking Allstars who continue to go above and beyond in making the company what it is today. Thank you to the Allstars for keeping the faith and doing whatever it takes to rise up to any challenges that come our way.


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