TMC to motorists: Plan trips ahead to avoid traffic

    MALOLOS CITY—The Tollways Management Corp. (TMC), operator of three major expressways north of Manila, has advised motorists to plan their trips ahead in preparation for the All Saints Day weekend.

    TMC also assured safety of motorists using the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), and the Subic Freeport Expressway (SFEX) despite expected increase of traffic volume over the long weekend.

    “We expect a 12 percent north-bound traffic build up at the Balintawak toll plaza by Friday afternoon to around 2 p.m. of Saturday,” Nick Manalo, TMC vice president for traffic operations in a press briefing on Wednesday.

    He added: “We advise motorists to plan their trips ahead.”

    The 12 percent increase in traffic volume, Manalo said is equivalent to at least 15,000 vehicles

    The average daily traffic volume along the NLEX on regular days is 150,000 vehicles; and with the additional 12 percent, it will climb to 155,000 to 160,000 vehicles.

    Manalo said lateral national and provincial roads especially near cemeteries are also expected to be clogged as the traditional observance of ‘Undas’ or All Saints Day nears.

    The observance of ‘Undas’ ranks third among the busiest holidays along the expressway with Christmas topping the list followed by Holy Week.

    On the other hand, Bobby Bontia, TMC vice president for toll operations made assurance on the safety of motorists using all expressways.

    He said they will deploy more patrol vehicles, motorcycle riders and four patrol vehicles of lane management teams to assist motorist.

    “In case of accidents, our quick response teams are ready to help along with our towing teams to immediately clear the affected areas and ensure normal flow of traffic soon,” Bontia said.

    He added that they will also field ambulant toll tellers in Balintawak, and Dau toll plazas starting Friday.

    TMC officials also said they will stop and flag down overloaded public and private vehicles. “Most victims of vehicular accidents are usually excess passengers.”

    The TMC said they are also prepared for the return of motorists to Manila starting late Sunday and Monday.

    Lia Mañalac, TMC public relations officer, said they will not introduce any changes like re-routings on their usual operations.

    She said they will just increase their personnel and vigilance during the long weekend.


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