Abuse in the academe

    A NEW school-year has commenced but the old one is yet to find closure for some schools in Angeles City.

    Trustees and officials of the Westfields International School (WIS) have been haled to court for falsification of documents and violation of the law against child abuse (RA 7160) by the mother of two students there.

    Claiming the grades of her daughter were tampered with by WIS officials which cost her valedictory honors, one Linda David filed charges at the Office of the City Prosecutor against WIS principal Violeta de Jesus, owner Valerie A. Johnson, et al.

    The child abuse aspect of the case arose from what Miss David said was the trauma on her 12-year-old child caused by the “ordeal” of her “being deprived the honor she rightfully deserved.”

    The mother – along with her lawyers – showed mediamen in a press conference last Friday at the Grand Palazzo Royale copies of the grades of her child which were uniformly O for “Outstanding” throughout the school-year only to uniformly fall to NG for “Needs Guidance” at the end of the term.  

    It was the child’s teachers themselves, Miss David said, that informed her of her kid garnering the highest ratings in her class,  0.17 points higher than another student who was eventually declared the valedictorian. This was supported by a signed affidavit by at least four of the teachers, two of them facing the media to affirm their signatures, and revealing that they have since been cut off the WIS.

    Asked if they were fired, teachers Ana Marie Castaneda and Jennilyn  Luces said they were told by the principal to “make your graceful exit” after their performance assessment. They were only in their first year of teaching at WIS. 

    Miss David said her daughters have become some sort of pariahs after the incident at WIS. She said she is finding it hard to enroll them in other schools.

    “One school even asked me to sign a document certifying that my daughters will be civilized enough to abide by the school rules,” she lamented.

    At the Royal International School inside Diamond Subd. In Balibago, grade school teacher Emmanuel C. Manaloto is facing charges for slight physical injuries, maltreatment and violation of “the special protection of children against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination Act.”

    In her complaint at the Office of the City Prosecutor docketed as III-01-INV-09C-00158, one Evelyn Castillo alleged that Manaloto asked his students to beat up her 10-year-old son as punishment for joining them in a wrestling game inside their classroom.

    “Not only did (her son) suffered physical injuries but likewise was exposed to emotional and psychological abuse, that could affect (his) well-being,” Castillo said in her affidavit.

    “My son wakes up at night and throws up, haunted by his traumatic ordeal,” she added. 

    And then at the Holy Angel University, there was the “angel” that cried rape against her demon of a professor in February this year.

    We wrote in our column Demons among angels here on February 24:

    “He follows a pattern of abuse against his female students who are in the age of minority. He is a ‘serial offender’ who is very methodical and deliberate. First he uses his position as teacher, bestowed with moral ascendancy among (sic) students, to get close to his prey.Then he conditions the minds of his potential victims, as he slowly tears apart their moral defenses. And finally thru (sic) his influence and manipulation, he slowly and relentlessly seduces them to experiment (sic) his sexual sins, while he deflects our attention toward the physical pleasures rather than the shamefulness of the act.”

    Thus, “Rose” portrayed the predator that fed on her young womanhood in a sworn statement she submitted to the Department of Justice to formalize her complaint for 32 counts of rape and 32 counts of qualified seduction against one Arnel Atienza Ocampo, identified as an English professor at the Holy Angel University in Angeles City.

    Enrolled from 2006 to 2008 at the HAU, “Rose” said Ocampo first raped her in October 2006 when she was about to turn 17.

    How the professor managed to continue abusing the student for so long, “Rose” had this to say, again in her sworn affidavit: “Ocampo would take videos to blackmail and prevent me from revealing the abuses to my parents. He also mentioned that if a case is filed against him, he will not hesitate to spread the sex videos to the public…He threatened to recopy and spread the sex videos if I resisted his sexual advances. Ocampo got me into deeper trouble being so much in control of me. He would force me to execute different kinds of sexual performances on and with him. His perversion is so evident…”

    A prelude to the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video there. Only much more graphic and infinitely worse, “Rose” being a minor.

    So what is the Department of Education doing about these?


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