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A principal’s success lies on passion and dedication


“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do”. – Mother Teresa

AS A neophyte school head, I found out that there are so many reasons why a principal fail to deliver his best performance in his assigned school and consequently leave his post.

It is true that once a principal is assigned to a new school, he would have to hurdle many challenges and more so, if he has to handle a struggling school- one which has no clear direction, lacking facilities and unsupportive stakeholders. In some researches conducted, it was also found out that the reason why principals give up on their positions is due to frustrations in the belief it is not within their ability and capacity to improve the school or dissatisfaction with their job. This more often leads to a feeling of doubt on one’s capability and such hesitation results to a halt on a person’s drive to go on. Moreover, bureaucracy, excessive workloads and the burden of having to deal with hard teachers are contributory factors that make his job frustrating and unrewarding.

The question is: How will a principal keep his position? In my personal point of view, a principal would stay longer in the school for a number of reasons: a sense of belongingness that comes from the support of those people around; the enjoyment he experiences with his job; and he is patient enough to wait for the time he will reap the fruits of his labor.

When I read a journal about educational leadership written by Bryan Goodwin, a principal ‘s retention appeared to be attributed to his skill in creating collaboration and cohesion among teachers, which strengthens my insight that the success of being a leader lies in working with a heart for people whom you don’t see as workers or subordinates but as family, who will reciprocate by extending their utmost support and are inspired to take initiatives for the improvement of the workplace, which is, in the case of the principal and teachers, the school. Once the principal gains his teachers’ confidence, everything else will fall into place and in all of these, it will be the students who will benefit the most.

A Principal’s passion and dedication to bring out the best in every teacher determines his success. He does so because he has the humility to accept and recognize the worth of people under his command. He acknowledges and appreciates every effort making him a true leader who sets a direction for the organization and in so doing he himself gains contentment and satisfaction.

Maria Carolina Camaya-Viray
Principal I, Sto. Domingo Integrated School

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. — Editor)


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