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A fulfilled qualities of a teacher


WHEN DO we say that a teacher is someone who is dedicated? Well, this term is somehow subjective, and would depend upon the perception and standards of who shall be defining that term.

In fact, the list of the traits and characteristics to completely define one may be too long, for there could be lots of descriptions that could fit the word ‘dedicated’.

Perhaps, educators like me could say that some of these would be similar on how one could be labeled as a “dedicated teacher”.

A dedicated teacher is someone who teaches with competence and confidence. He makes sure that he is fulfilling his job, which is to make learnings happen. He would not be content with mediocrity, but would always make sure that he gives his best whenever he would be teaching.

A dedicated teacher is someone who has the heart in teaching. He is not just an imparter of knowledge but he is someone who shows and provides affection to the learners that he teaches. He teaches not just because it his task, but he teaches because there is passion in what he does.

A dedicated teacher is someone who would not be stagnant in the profession. He finds time to grow, as he knows and believes that growth is an important factor for a teacher to equip himself with the trends in teaching, and be the best that he could be in the field.

A dedicated teacher is someone who acknowledges that fact that there are lots of things to do and accomplish, but would not accomplish them just for compliance, but out of commitment in his chosen profession.

Lastly, a dedicated teacher is someone who wakes up early to go to work with a smile, works the whole day with happiness in her heart and ends the day with satisfaction and still a smile, for he is sure that he has done her job well not only for a living, but for making a meaningful life to him and to others as well…

Cynthia S. Dizon
Teacher III
Mexico Elementary School
Mexico South District

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is.
Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. — Editor)


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