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A condusive learning atmosphere


MANY THINGS to consider whenever we teach to assure that learning happens. One of which is to make sure that our class is well-managed.

Before the lesson begins, we see to it that everything is in order, the classroom, the learners and lessons to be presented.

For no matter how prepared and ready you are if there are somethings that are not in order, lessons will be poorly understood by the students.

A skilled teacher makes sure that the proper classroom management would be presented.

One basic signs by a well-maintained classroom management is when everything is in order. Teacher is in control of everything inside the room. Learners should know their do’s and dont’s.

They should know who is in control inside the classroom and give due respect of the rules and conducts within the four walls of the room. Teacher establishes these rules before teaching and learning takes place. Simple acts of submitting papers to following the steps in making the projects, project a highly disciplined learner. Clean and orderly classroom ensure effective learning.

A skilled teacher is not someone who teach for the sake of teaching alone. He/she makes assessment of everything inside the room including the arrangement of furnitures to visual displays on the wall. For he/she believes that teaching does not only come from what he/she imparts as a teacher but from the experiences in sitting in the reading corner and read books to solving and completing the puzzle in math corners, manipulating toys etc.

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