Home Headlines 4-K jabbed in 5-day vax drive in small town

4-K jabbed in 5-day vax drive in small town


Nurse Kriselle Andrea Capili reports on vax drive. Photo by Ernie Esconde


SAMAL, Bataan – This little town rose to the task in the country’s anti-Covid-19 drive as its rural health unit here announced that they inoculated 4,053 individuals during the five-day national vaccination drive that ended Friday.

Nurse Kriselle Andrea Capili said that at the start of the campaign launched by the Department of Health on Nov. 29, they administered vaccines to 1,080 individuals, followed by 849, 993, 739 and 392, on Nov. 30, and Dec. 1 – 3.

Past 4 in the afternoon of Friday, there were still people lining-up for vaccination at the covered court near the Samal public market.

Barangay health worker Leodelyn Bugay of Sta. Lucia was one of those who received the booster shot of Pfizer after her second dose of AstraZeneca last May 25.

Each vaccinee whether for the first and second doses or booster shot got free five kilos of rice during the five-day period.

There was still no vaccination for the general population or those belonging to priority groups A4 (essential workers) and A5 (indigents).

Capili said they have seen guidelines but the DOH has not yet given instruction for its implementation in the 14 barangays of the town.

She said that Dr. Cristina Espino, Samal rural health officer, has told them to attend to those under priority groups A1 – A3.



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