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3,000 birth certificates hostaged at ONA


ANGELES CITY – A city councilor wants the release of birth certificates of indigent patients that are being withheld by the Ospital Ning Angeles (ONA) here because of unsettled bills.

City councilor Joseph “PG” Ponce sponsored Sangguniang Panlungsod Resolution No. 8485, s-2019 requesting Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. and Dr. Lorina Villanueva, OIC of ONA, to “effect the release of all birth certificates at the Ospital Ning Angeles registered and unregistered…” in accordance with the Child Welfare Ordinance of 2017.

Ponce said there are over 3,000 “hostage” birth certificates with others dating as far back as 1991 that must be released by ONA to its indigent patients with unsettled bills and unpaid balances.

Ponce was joined by city administrator Wllie Rivera during a press briefing here on Friday where the issue was brought up.

Rivera said he will inform the mayor of the urgency of the matter and recommend the issuance for their immediate release.

Meanwhile, Ponce said he received complaints from parents during the opening of classes for elementary because a birth certificate is one of the requirements for enrolment.

As the chairman of the council committee on human rights, Ponce said he will not allow the children to be deprived of their rights especially on education.

Ponce’s resolution, which was co-sponsored by councilors Alfie Bonifacio, Arvin Suller, Dan Lacson, Amos Rivera, and Thelma P. Indiongco, was unanimously approved.


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