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Yamyam hailed as PBB Otso’s Big Winner
Kiara as 2nd Big Placer


((L-R) Suntrust president Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan, Big Winner Yamyam Gucong, and Suntrust FVP – Sales, Marketing, and Training Jerry R. Rubis.)

YAMYAM Gucong hailed as PBB Otso’s Big Winner, KIARA Takahashi as 2nd Big Placer Yamyam and Kiara were declared as PBB Otso’s Big Winner and 2nd Big Placer respectively last Sunday in AATF Sports Complex, both of them received a brand new condo unit from “The Official Home of PBB Otso”, Suntrust Properties, Inc.

Emerging victorious from 4 batches of Housemates, the two started out as hopefuls among a number of 56,000 auditionees. This 8th season of the famous reality TV show is different from all the previous ones as it had a different gameplay that revolved around the concept of infinity and the number 8.

(Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan and 2nd Big Placer Kiara Takahashi.)

Suntrust president, Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan, himself presented the symbolic keys to the Yamyam and Kiara during the awards night.

Yamyam’s story serves as an inspiration to all, from being a delivery boy, a construction work, to eventually being the Ultimate Big Winner. The Suntrust key symbolizes how far he has come and how hard he has fought for him and for his family, from living under a makeshift hut in Bohol, the Gucong family can now live comfortably in their new Suntrust condo.

“He always sought for something better. Never letting himself be pulled back by difficulties – but being pushed forward by his aspirations. His poverty was Yamyam’s springboard to reach this far” said Atty. Harry Their new Suntrust condominiums await them along E.Rodriguez Ave., in Quezon City, providing ease in accessibility and quality of living for its future residents. In their cases, Yamyam and Kiara are ready and set to take on the new chapter of their lives and continue to fulfill their dreams through the gateway to the best of Quezon City, that is Suntrust Asmara.

(At dawn, Suntrust Asmara façade. Located along E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City.)

For over 20 years, Suntrust Properties, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Megaworld Corp has been a frontrunner in building quality affordably priced homes in strategic locations for the Filipino family.

From acquiring Stateland, Inc. to being The Official Home of Pinoy Big Brother Otso, Suntrust truly is the Home for every Filipino.

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