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What lunacy!


BEING A PART of the national government, Robredo is barred from competing with the DOH, DSWD, and OCD-NDRRMC, or undermining their efforts, and from soliciting donations, in cash or in kind, from the taxpaying public, especially since funds have already been appropriated or set aside for relief  assistance, disaster mitigation, rehabilitation.

So, VP Leni Robredo must now be probed for “illegal solicitations, actions that compete with, or calculated to undermine national government efforts in this time of public health emergency or national calamity.”

So pushed Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission commissioner Manuelito Luna the National Bureau of Investigation to undertake.

Luna pointing that the VP may have violated the NDRRMC Law, the Solicitation Permit Law, related issuances as well as the measures and protocols of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the government body supervising efforts to contain the spread of Covid19.

One wonders what dank rotten woodwork this Lunacould have wormed himself out of. To display this lunacy, in broad daylight for one and all to see.

Nuff said, else this character be given totally undeserved cognizance.


Lenis luminosity


SINCE DAY One of the Covid-19 crisis, VP Leni has done all she can to help health workers, government institutions, and ordinary Filipinos overcome the challenges they have had to face due to the restrictions on travel, the shortages in supplies, and, of course, the everpresent threat of infection.

She has mobilized private citizens to procure PPEs for doctors and nurses, organized free transport for those that needed to engage in essential travel, brought extraction kits to the RITM, provided food to police and soldiers manning checkpoints, and set up dormitories so health workers have a place to rest near their hospitals.

She has done all this without requesting additional public funds or seeking expanded powers. She did this because she saw a need, and she took action to meet it. She did this because it was the right and responsible thing to do.

And now, unbelievably, the PACC wants to investigate her for it. And for what reason? Because she was “competing” with other agencies.

Anyone who insists that bringing much needed assistance to hospitals, health workers, and poorFilipinos is somehow a “competition” has absolutely no understanding of the gravity of the crisis we are all facing

NO DIGNIFYING the undignified here.

Kind, so kind is the statement of the spokesperson of the VP, even if only excerpted above.

no understanding What an understatement.

No simple cluelessness obtains in Lunas request to theNBI. It is sheer lunacy, to belabor the point.



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