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Viral ‘Pass the Brush’ challenge brings out Kapampangan MUAs


ANGELES CITY — From a dare that sprang out of boredom amid the lockdown to spark fun while on extended enhanced community quarantine, Kapampangan makeup artists (MUA) collaborated for “Pass the Brush” Tiktok challenge that is currently trending on social media.

Kapampangan MUA Aries Eusebio initiated the challenge and dared his co-artist and friend Toni Gigliotti to bring together a group of MUA for a fun collaboration to take part in the showdown. Gigliotti then created a group chat with some of their colleagues to clue them in on how to create their videos separately before collecting for the final edit.

“Originally, the video was created by the famous Youtube beauty gurus James Charles, Patrick Starrr, and others — that was the initial viral video on Tiktok, and then Aries Eusebio initiated it here and dared us to do the same,” said Gigliotti.

“I created the group chat and informed them on how to create the video separately and i did the final editing. It was all for fun, we were all up for it, we didn’t expect it to become viral,” Gigliotti added.

The purpose of the challenge is to simply show a quick before and after transformation of the MUAs and pass the makeup brush in a feigning drop or throw motion to the next person as a transition. The video was created to showcase their creativity and talent in a fun way as everyone is required to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a bid to showcase the skill and flair of the Kapampangan women in the makeup industry, Gigliotti also invited their female colleagues online to do the same. In his Facebook post, “Gusto ko makakita ng #passthebrushchallenge galing sa mga all female MUAs — Mica Wyse, Dada Acuña Sicat, Catalina Tiangco, Joyce Lopez Tañedo, Lalaine De Anzo Mallari, Clarence Manuel, Anna Tiglao and the others. Go gawa kayo!!! *girlpower”

The invitation was accepted coming up with an all-female version of the ‘Pass the Brush’ challenge which was uploaded by Mica Wyse on Monday.

Here’s the link for the all-female MUAs

Following the trend, another ‘Pass the Brush’ challenge was also uploaded by other Kapampangan MUAs featuring Dey Caisip, Mariah Santos, JD Herrera, Malonne Ursal Pangan, Elron Young, and others.

Here’s the link for the other video


As of this writing, Gigliotti’s video has been viewed more than 12,000 times earning 1300 reactions and almost 400 shares.



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