The Infinity opens new road to help ease traffic in AC

    ANGELES CITY – Starting Monday, The Infi nity road near the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) toll exit in Barangay Pulung Maragul here and just across the Marquee Mall will be open to motorists to help ease traffic in the area.

    Pacific Drive, a 290-meter, four-lane lighted road forms part of the modern road network at The Infinity, will now serve as an alternative access point to and from Barangay Balibago going to Magalang town and the NLEx toll exit.

    Motorists going to the city hall or Marque Mall can also opt to pass through The Infinity’s Atlantic Drive, which intersects Pacific Drive, for an easier access to the said destinations leaving only motorists going to and from NLEx using Pacific Drive.

    Tan Song Bok, the Tan family patriarch and chairman of JENRA Group, Vice Mayor Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno and Barangay Captain Joseph C. Dimapilis were on hand to formally open the new road.

    Byron Tan Siy, JENRA Group spokesperson, said during the formal opening that “all roads now lead to The Infinity as we formally open our roads this is also the start of an infinite possibilities. “

    “In this ground we provide infinite possibilities for trade and industry, businesses, job opportunities and life-long partnerships,” he added.

    Siy also paid tribute to his grandfather the Tan patriarch, for envisioning The Infinity as the center of not only the city but the region as well.

    Siy explained that The Infinity streets are named after bodies of water because it is through these bodies of water that early civilizations thrived.

    “The rivers, oceans and seas became the nautical highways of early trade and culture. For our ancestors, water symbolized life, discovery, continuity, wealth and a wide horizon of infinite possibilities,” Siy said.

    “Today the horizons, then and now, still symbolize once own potentials and the infinite possibilities that we can create with it,” he added.

    Dubbed, “Central Luzon Business District,” The Infinity is a 43-hectare mixed use project of AC Beautiful Islands (ACBI) Realty Development Corp. that is envisioned to feature commercial, office, residential, educational and recreational, as well as medical buildings once completed.

    Located along Gueco Avenue leading to the NLEx, right in the heart of Central Luzon and just a few minutes away from the Clark International Airport, The Infinity is seen to off er the perfect hub for companies who want to put their regional headquarters outside of Metro Manila.


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