Smart SurfTV allows more to have internet service

    MANDALUYONG CITY – The first in the Philippines and probably the first in the world: Internet service right at every Filipino home through your television.

    Smarts Communications Inc. (SCI) on Tuesday launched here the Smart Bro SurfTV, a new service from the leading wireless network company designed to allow more Filipinos to have internet access, especially those who could not afford to buy personal computers and laptops.

    “Smart Bro Surf TV is a device that connects to television set through a quick and easy procedure, to provide internet access using Smart Bro’s nationwide coverage. When plugged into the RCA port of a color TV set, Smart Bro Surf TV provides users a ready-to-run internet experience, and users can surf, chat, and email through a multi-tasking TV at home,” said SCI Public Affairs Group Head Ramon Isberto during the press conference at the Edsa-Shangrila Hotel.

    The SurfTV device costs P4,500 each. Included with it is a mouse and keyboard.

    Based on a study, the SCI said some 18 percent of the total households in the country have at least one computer. It added that about 90 percent of the households have televisions.

    “Limited access to devices such as desktop computers used to be barrier to bringing the benefits of the internet to Filipinos. Even basic desktop computers are still priced beyond what most households can afford. This is what we hope to address through Smart Bro SurfTV. With this service, people can access the internet using a low-cost device and an appliance they already have,” said Danilo J. Mojica, head of SMART’s Wireless Consumer Division.

    Interviewed by Isberto on stage during the press conference, two Balanga City, Bataan residents expressed satisfaction over the SurfTV, saying they could use the internet at home and not at internet shops.


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