‘Pisay’ at Clark


    Indeed, as Clark Development Corp. (CDC) President-CEO Benny Ricafort  said it, is the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) coming to the Clark Freeport.

    Ricafort’s ebullience came after he signed a memorandum of agreement with Department of Science and Technology Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro for the establishment of the PSHS Central Luzon campus at the Clark Polytechnic compound.

    With the PSHS setting roots, the Clark Freeport — said Ricafort — serves not only as a venue for investments but also as a host for a center of excellence.

    Excellence indeed defines the PSHS — “Pisay” (Tagalized P-sci) to its students and alumni.

    I should know. No, I did not graduate from there. I was way into college when it came into being along Agham Road in Quezon City, birthed by a decree of the Great Ferdinand. Yeah, Marcos did something good too. The establishment of the PSHS one of them.

    It was the second to the youngest of my kids, Jonathan Elliot, that was fortunate enough to pass the highly competitive exams in 1998 — 200 taken in out of some 4,000 examinees nationwide — and went through the academic rigors of the PSHS.

    From there, he breezed through UP Diliman with a BS Mathematics degree. He’s now into his fourth examinations in actuaries — out of a set of 12 — for a fellowship title. This, even as he works in an actuarial consultancy firm with clients as diverse as the State of Michigan in the US and international insurance firms.

    The wife and I are really grateful to Pisay for doing a real good job in  moulding him into what he is now. This, at the least cost to us, Pisay students are scholars with stipends to boot. And he dormed at the campus throughout high school too.

    The drawback though — minor at that  — is this son of ours believe in some God other than ours. And he is the godson of the Rev. Fr. Eddie T. Panlilio! That’s another story though.

    Beyond the seeming bragging rights being inflicted on the reader here, the sampling of my son’s Pisay experience is meant to show the opportunity the PSHS has opened to the Kapampangan, to the CentralLuzon youth to aspire for and achieve academic excellence. To live the dream of the best high school education here possible.

    So right is Ricafort in saying of PSHS-Clark’s “great potential of encouraging the youth to aim high in terms of academic excellence.”     

    And for them to spearhead the coming “great industrial revolution” at the Clark-Subic axis and the rest of the region.

    Says Ricafort: “The PSHS campus in Clark is an indication of Central Luzon’s readiness for the great industrial revolution because we are not only preparing our children’s future through quality education but we are likewise preparing the manpower needs of the companies here and those in the periphery of the Freeport.” 

    Even outside the Freeport and its peripheries onto the whole world, if we may add. The Pisay graduate very well prepared for it.  

    With PSHS at Clark, you’ve done one real great job President Ricafort!


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